1.How to be a registered member?
Click the top left “create an account” button and register with your basic information.
An notification letter will be addressed to your emailbox later when it’s done.

2. Can I log on right after the registration?
Once registered,you need to wait for the admin.’s verification to log on; After the verification,you will get a notification by email. Then you can enjoy member rights, check all prices, order online, check orders history, etc

3.How to retrieve your password?
Click the “Forgotten Password” button,put down your email address you registered with,click “Continue”,a new password will be created and sent to your email.

4.How to reset your password?
Click the “Change Your Password” button,put down your new password,click “Continue” and done; After the reset,there will be a notification letter addressed to your emailbox.

5.How to send one single inquiry?
A single inquiry is the one specific to one single item.No log-on required.Just enter with the info like your name,contact detail,product specification etc;
After the inquiry is successfully sent,there will be a notification as well.

6.How to send multiple inquiries?
If you want to send inquiries on multiple products at the same time,first you need to log in with your account,put the products you’d like into ‘Inquiry Cart’; go to the ‘Shopping Cart’,Click on the “Add to Cart” and “Continue”,and then put in your inquiry message and “Sent”.

7.Is the price available to see?
Yes,you can see the approximate price while you need to log in to see the specific one.

8.How to make a comparison among multiple products?
Mouse over the product pictures,click on ,you can compare 4 products tops.After that,enter the ,you can make a clear comparison there based on the product information there.

9.How to make an order?
Click right under your demanded product,input the number you required,destination and shipping method you’d prefer then click “Place Order” and done.

10.How to check my order process going?
Enter the home page and there’s a “Order Track” column,put in your order No.and you see the order processing.